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 Foods​ That pair perfectly with our olives 


Olive Platers Charcuterie trays 

for one or more!

We offer a wide range of sizes to fit your lifestyle.

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  • Q: When I get your olives how long will they last?  A: One month.
  • Q: What kind of cheese do you use? A: Goat Feta.
  • Q: Are your Olives gluten free? A: 98% of our flavours are only two that we can't guarantee Blue Cheese & Gooch.
  • Q: Do you have Vegan Olives? A: Yes half our flavours are vegan.
  • Q: Where are your olives grown? A: Mostly California, Greece, Italy & Spain.
  • Q: Why are your olives so different? A : We insure the highest quality of olives to start and move onto the next key ingredient care and attention we produce fresh week after week.
  • Q: Where can I get your olives? A: go to our olives tab and scroll down.
  • Q; Can we order these olives? A: we don't have an online portal yet!! but if you want our product you can pre order your olives and we will have them ready for you to pick up at our shop or at the Farmers Market.
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