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Since 1999

We will bring forth the same passion in all new endeavours and we will never forget the faces and place we are rooted from.

Our Story 

 Our story is humble and centers around family. A family trip to Europe inspired Olive Me. This trip to Europe also gifted me with my first son, who is now a devoted member of the Olive Me team, along with my husband and youngest son. all of us play an integral part in the evolution of our brand. Built by family, for family. 

We create olive flavours that satisfy olive lovers of the world.

Authentic, family business

Guilt free snack

Satisfy cravings

Inspire your palate.

Supporting local business.

Customer Reviews

 I've only had the Feta & Garlic stuffed olives, and the Almond/feta/garlic ones. They are Heavenly. The only problem is that my three year old steals mine, so I have to be strategic about where I keep them.

Nathalie Joy

Absolutely love these olives. They are so fresh and flavourful... I am unable to enjoy any other olives after trying these!

Jenine Cerny-Schimpf

Most delicious olives ever!! Huge verity  of flavours. I'm obsessed.

Dana Missins

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